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"BuT waIT! It'S RobLOX, it cAN'T be ScaRY."
Type: Annoying
Trend rider
COPPA Abuser
Date Joined: September 1st, 2011 (YouTube)
July 16th, 2016 (Roblox)
Status: Extremely Active
Followers: Around a Million
Place Visits: 4 Million
Subscribers: 10.1 Million
Score: 43%

Kat La, known as ItsFunneh, or Funnehcake on Roblox, is a YouTuber who makes gaming content, especially for Roblox, or whatever is popular at the time. She at first made Call of Duty and Halo videos, and deleted them, and then made Minecraft skits. Nowadays, she makes cringe content. We've rather take her than LankyBox though.

All of the actions will count for the entire KREW, which is an alias the La siblings go under. The people are GoldenGlare, PaintingRainbows, DraconiteDragon, LunerEclipse (yes, really), and ItsFunneh.

However, do not let her cute anime-esque profile get to you, she, and maybe the entire Krew, might be a very vile person who takes advantage of her fans in and outside of Roblox. Let's break down her actions first.

Actions[edit | edit source]

  • ItsFunneh is a large content creator on YouTube.
  • She has "her own" game called Krew Eats, even though we all know it is created by the shady YouTube management company BroadBand TV.
  • She was a troll at one point, with videos such as Trolling Mean Girls in Roblox!! uploaded back in 2016. This was also one of her first Roblox videos made.

Contributions[edit | edit source]

  • As said, she is mainly only a large content creator, but she may be a large reason for toxicity, due to her fanbase invading every server. However, they act on their own terms so this doesn't count. Additionally, the fanbase is known for being extremely defensive towards ItsFunneh, like she's Jesus or something.
  • She has won the 2022 Innovation Awards for Best Video, and shows it off via avatar.

Content[edit | edit source]

This is where ItsFunneh suffers at the most.

  • Her YouTube content is a formula. The titles go by this: [Shocking event] in [Game] on [Platform], or [Platform] [Popular Game]. Very few videos break this formula.
  • All of the voicing in the videos is ear-grating and loud. It can literally kill your ears if you listen with max volume.
  • The KREW never get along and have fun, often arguing and swearing once. She took out her family friendly claim a few years back. Family friendly my ass.
    • Speaking of this, she often marks that her videos are "not for kids" even though she targets children as an audience. This is breaching the federal COPPA law as she is making money off of younger kids' data.
  • All of the thumbnails are clickbait, and are drawn by either LunerEclipse or BroadBandTV. We suspect BroadBandTV. Not just that, they have extreme shock value. You know, for kids!?
  • A lot of the ideas on the channel have been done to death on other channels. (Example: Minecraft Floor is Lava)

Games[edit | edit source]

She doesn't create games a lot, but her collab with GameFam takes a hit on her reputation. If you don't know, GameFam is a Roblox studio who mistreats employees. They worked on Sonic Speed Simulator, but we are talking about Krew Blvd. The game was a very generic hangout, with hide and seek and obbies, and was taken down in 2022. She also had a water bottle flipping game, but she removed it. She also created a 2nd game with GameFam.

Redeeming Qualities[edit | edit source]

  • She has seen signs of improvement from around 2021-2022, with her videos not as clickbait like or ALL CAPS.
  • Some videos are legit funny.
  • She does try to call off the fanbase's "attacks" on haters and often laughs at the memes.

Personal Experience (not part of review but can factor in)[edit | edit source]

  • I had an experience with ItsFunneh fans before. The name of this person is Foodisyum. She, at first, was nice to me, as I created a back-up ItsFunneh wiki. However, I got sick with the fandom, so I took back my adminship and transferred it to someone. I don't know who it was. Foodisyum then adopted the original wiki and blocked me for telling people the truth about KREW Eats. I tried coming back but she still abused her power. This has nothing to do with ItsFunneh, but more to do with the fandom.