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Basic Rules

  • This is how to use fonts:
    • Bold: Can substitute an exclamation mark (for example, "It goes extremely high!")
    • Italic: Use this for game names. (Example: In Work at a Pizza Place, you make pizzas.)
  • Do not ever witch-hunt/raid anyone added in the articles. It'll only make things worse. It is also against Miraheze's Code of Conduct and Terms of Service.
  • You are allowed to add and use info from the Roblox Wiki as long as you didn't achieve plagiarism.
  • Do not perform unnecessary undoings on pages or cause edit wars. Please assume good faith in edits, or you'll get a warning.
  • Do not create pages for games that haven't been released unless it's a demo. No exceptions to this rule.
  • Please do not add useless categories in the articles. (Ex. Games with poop)
  • Rude behavior towards other users will not be accepted. If you are rude towards another user, expect a warning or higher.
    • Vandalism is not tolerated. Expect a 1-month, 2-month, 6-month ban or higher, if you do so.
  • Do not create pages from games that aren't on Roblox, or it will result in being deleted.
  • Try not to swear. Roblox has a child-majority audience.
  • Slurs are prohibited. Expect a 1-week block for using them.
  • If you see any flaws in any games, don't nitpick anything, and nitpicks don't mean that the games were completely bad. Using nitpicks (ex. This game looks like it was made in 1984.), will result in the Review deleted.
  • You should play the game you reviewed.
  • Do not create pages for places, users, YouTubers, etc. which aren't popular. Instead, you can create something generalized. For example, if a user is online dating, yet it is an unpopular one, do not create a page about them, and instead, make a page which is about online daters in general.
  • You can create anything about Roblox culture. Please see the Forbidden Pages section for more info.
  • Do not accuse YouTubers of unprovable things, including sub bots. Link to sources when you can!
  • Reasons for deleted comments are poor grammar, malicious propaganda, harassing others, insulting, uncensored swearing, if the comment makes no sense, flame wars, starting arguments, and grammar Nazism.(crying over spilled milk)
  • Don't get mad at others for their opinions, and don't get "pissy" over the rating of your favorite/least favorite game.
  • You are required to post an infobox and thumbnail/photo.
  • Do not ask for admin. Self explainitory
  • You can use alt accounts, but you must disclose them via DM to a moderator or one of the Triad members.
  • It's highly recommended you use proper grammar while creating a page. If you think a page has poor grammar, don't complain about it. Either fix them by yourself or ask an admin (if a page is protected or you don't know what's wrong).

Page Layout

  • Infobox/Photo
  • A summery of the score (why did it get it?)
  • Rating factors:
    • GAMES:
      • Gameplay: (Describe the gameplay)
      • Assets (Are they conflicting styles?) (Are they detailed?)
      • Plot (Describe to the best ability the plot. If there is none, remove the section)
      • Music (Describe the music. If there is none, is it actually needed?)
      • Final Rating (Out of 100%) (Tally the points.)
    • USERS
      • Actions (What did they do?)
      • Contributions (Did they do anything to contribute to Roblox society?)
      • Content (IF ON YOUTUBE) (What do they publish?) (Do they use clickbait tactics?)
      • Games (If applied) (Are they good?)
      • Final Rating
      • Impact (What did it do?)
      • What Happened? (Describe what occurred.)
      • Reactions (How did people react?)
      • Roblox Intervention (What did Roblox do?)

Forbidden Pages

  • Unpopular Roblox games/users or unknown moments.
    • Any Roblox YouTuber with less than 100K subscribers, Roblox users with less than 50K followers, groups with less than 10K members, and Roblox games with less than 50K visits.
  • Self inserts. Please do not insert yourself.


Keep in mind that these consequences may be bent depending on rule violations. For example, actions such as vandalism or uploading very inappropriate content will instantly result in a permanent block.

  • 1st Time: Warning
  • 2nd Time: 3-day block
  • 3rd Time: 1-month block
  • 4th Time: 1-year block
  • 5th Time: Permanent block